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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 12, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> it feels totally humiliating. we don't care about the fact that you are here >> it has not been this stuff in years, why it has just become a lot harder to keep top talent in the bay area >> firefighters smothered in
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smoke, the fire that nearly turned deadly. >> the nation's biggest telephone company is overhauling the way it is charging customers. >> silicon valley is maxed out. the government says that the bay area has enough skilled immigrant workers right now but much-needed high level town is getting pushed out the door >> he knows all about the pain of being turned away for a visa >> it feels totally humiliating. we don't care about the fact that you are here your established a company >> last year he was denied one of the highly prized be says because he did not exactly qualify under federal guidelines even though he founded a $1 million startup that at the time employed nine people in san francisco >> i was sure with the track record we had and the fact that we were funded and started
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operations year it would be a fairly easy thing to receive >> but it wasn't. this year's the country's 80,000 visas for positions like engineering were used up in two and a half months. the silicon valley leadership group has been pressuring congress to raise the cash >> we're competing with china and russia and india and in that the economy need the brain power and your only able to get that if you except the smartest people who come here to work >> pieces silicon valley is desperate for talent >> we would bring in 200,000 workers who would fill the void and then it would make the companies more competitive which would mean the economy would expand so we would hire more workers and we create jobs in other industries, this is what has made america what it is >> hupe his visa was approved
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and his company has doubled in size >> what do you say to harsh critics that say that these workers are stealing american jobs >> the facts are actually the complete opposite. for every one immigrant worker five american jobs are created. >> raising the cap is controversial and not likely to happen anytime soon. there is some talk in washington about shifting some of the numbers around. >> on one hand, good jobs but were they going to >> developing news out of santa's say, police are looking for a killer after a teenager was shot to death tonight just before 630 at a story in rhode strip mall. when police arrived they found the victim only describe as a male juvenile. he died at the scene, no one
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else was hurt and so far, no suspects >> it started with a building under renovation. cruz is a gas line outside and a fire started. juliet good rich shows us the break and the fire >> it is still windy tonight, a construction worker is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries as a result of this explosion. it took hours to control. the blazing for alarm fire erupted in a building under construction. workers had been trying to connect a gas line and ignited the gas. firefighters had the daunting task of fighting the fire from the outside, too dangerous to go inside >> with the heat and the smoke we actually could not get into the building because we could
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not control the gas shut off. >> pg&e work to shut off the flow of the gas but it took several hours. the fire spread to a dental clinic next door. fortunately all of the workers made it out safely >> we were unable to do that which caused us to dig in the street which is why you see the holes here >> 3 firefighters were taken to hospital for injuries. one of the construction workers suffered critical burn injuries and was taken to st. francis hospital. as for the three firefighters, they will be released suffering minor injuries. the construction worker and was doing well being in the area when the gas line ignited. he is listed in critical condition. they're investigating what went wrong. >> eastbound highway 4 remains
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closed at this hour after a car crashed into a powerful. the car burst into flames but the driver is ok. crews are having a tough time reopening erode because of extensive damage to the overhead lines. they're not expected to be done for another couple of hours >> there is an overflow crowd at tonight's berkeley city council meeting. council members are scheduled to vote whether to put a city ordinance on the ballot. the measure would forbid people from sitting on the sidewalk in all business districts. the city already prohibits people from lying on the sidewalk but police say the law does not work because people simply set up when officers approach and then lie back down again >> we would like to do is have people have respect for the community and recognize that sitting is not something we want to see happen.
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>> the mayor and his supporters say that writing tickets is a way to push people to get help. thomas kincaid and his widow and a girlfriend have taken the bitter battle to court. he was living with his girlfriend when he died. now the two women are fighting over who gets the estate. two handwritten notes allegedly written by kincaid leave his home and $10 million to his girlfriend and his wife is contesting the validity >> the oakland mare's crime- fighting plan goes under the microscope. a new report says that her 100 blocks program is full of holes. the plan focuses on the most troublesome spots in the city. an independent research
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organization says this is what the map should look like. >> the conclusion that the violent crime is concentrated in 100 blocks is not accurate. >> this comes on the heels of the latest shooting today near the san leandro border, that is far from the mayor's designated 100 blocks. the mayor's office issued the statement " although the report may be accurate, there are key differences. the city's maps used more recent data " >> fears of a grass fire shut down a south bay park today. rangers closed it down because of high fire danger. they're worried about high temperatures and low humidity. rangers are hoping to reopen the facility tomorrow. in colorado the governor has declared a state of the disaster. a fire has scorched 68 square
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miles, destroying more than 100 structures and killing a woman. firefighters say the fire is 5 and 6 percent contained >> there is a good chance your phone plan has been phased out. how the nation's largest telephone company is changing the way of bills to ,,,,
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>> no longer is it how much you, or how many texts used and, now it is all about how much data you use. your cell phone bill will change >> the technology world is calling this the biggest overhaul since the cellphone became a mainstream device. the rise in wireless is dropping all of their previous
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plants in exchange for a new plan that would encourage users to connect all of their mobile devices into one network. it takes an army of service carriers to keep him connected >> for the phones i keep it under t mobile, for the ipad id is at&t, for the computers i have wireless through comcast, for my wireless services i have a voodoo, and netflix, and to direct tv >> he is the prime customer that verizon is trying to lure into their new share everything plan. cnet says it is the plan to tech world has been waiting for >> is the logical evolution. you have family plans with pulled minutes so it makes sense to have pooled data >> here is what a bill might look like for a family with two
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phones in a tablet. each phone is $40 per month and the tablets is $10 per month. the use a total of 4 gb per month, a data fee of $70. altogether it would be $160, minus taxes and fees. >> the data plan actually includes unlimited taxing and unlimited calls. if you are an individual person with one device it will end up being a lot more >> he is not confident he will save with a new plan but he admits the numbers look good on paper >> all these bundles are probably an attempt to shove savings in my face >> the plan goes live on june 28th and already at&t has announced it will launch a similar plan >> the wife of the florida neighborhood watch and who shot an unarmed teenager was herself
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arrested today. shelly zimmerman was charged with perjury. george zimmerman was charged with second-degree murder for fatally shooting trayvon martin. he had been released on bond but that was revoked after prosecutors said that he and his wife lied about their finances. shelly zimmerman posted bond and was released. today a judge sentenced catherine green, the longtime girlfriend of mobster whitey bulger to eight years in prison after she pled guilty for helping him stay on the run. investigators found a couple in san monica last june. >> fans of a popular led zeppelin cover band are coming to the rescue after someone stole all their instruments in the bay area. the the van was broken into after they played a show in redwood city.
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$35,000 worth of equipment when missing >> it felt like my heart was ripped out because as far as i'm concerned, the musical instrument is an extension of a musician. it is very very personal >> the band has already too received thousands of dollars through a donations page and fans have offered to loan and instruments for upcoming gig/ >> a new part of the bay bridge is just about ready to be installed. there're the motorize steel scaffolds called travelers. they will be shipped up to the bay area. they will hang from the bay bridge and will allow maintenance crews to inspect it while it is in use >> they will help by allowing our maintenance and inspection crews easy access to the bottom part of the bridge. they need to be able to get there to paint it and inspect it. >> the new bay bridge will be
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the world's largest self anchor suspension bridge. it will double life spanned helping it function for 150 years. >> if you spent your life traveling white the in the environment you will probably want to give some thought to the impact of your death. many people are choosing burials with a twist so they can remain green right to the grave >> that is what blew me away when we started investigating >> all of that steel goes into the grant every year in north america alone plus enough concrete to build a highway between new york and detroit and it is all in caskets and vaults >> why not be buried in a natural state where you can go back to the year if >> she has spent a lot of time researching the ecological impact of debt and she doesn't see it as many better than a
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metal lathe and coffin >> it is usually energy intensive for burning >> it can also release pollutants into the air including mercury from the dental work but she has an alternative >> this is banana >> her company, final footprint, sells biodegradable coffins crafted from different materials >> they are better because they're made from sustainable products >> that appealed to janet. >> she grew up in nebraska in farm country >> nothing seemed more appropriate for this one time farm girls final resting place then and ecologically friendly casket. she chose see grass >> it was absolutely beautiful >> wood and metal caskets cost thousands but visit these costs
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about $1,000 or less what she said her choice shocked the funeral director >> they said what about the casket and i said i have it in my car and i thought he was really going to faint >> she also elected to go without embalming >> the idea of not putting formaldehyde and all of these things into the ground. i don't know who is thinking that we will be getting up to dance or something >> more people are going that way. the business has doubled in two years. she says it is about changing the mindset. >> people want to be remembered in a grand way when they're dead and i think that green people don't feel that way. we feel we have done what we can do for the world and for people and that we just returned to the turf >> those caskets are welcome at
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most cemeteries. for those who want to be even closer to nature, there are two natural burial sites in california and one of them is in marin county >> a giant lotus outside of city hall tonight, blowing in the breeze. breeze. we will tell
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wells fargo. together we'll go far. wells fargo. discover britvisit:lumbia. >> the first day of summer is still officially eight days away but we still have a summer weather pattern in the bay area. a 30 degree temperatures banned from half moon bay the other side, happens to be the very breezy conditions at sfo with 26 mi. per hour wind gusts. we will continue to see the westerly wind 10-15 m.p.h. in the overnight as we dip to the '40's and '50's and we will start to notice some of the
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clouds pushing on shore. what we see is stratus clouds intensifying in the overnight hours. we have the clouds peeling back but lingering. the marine air aloft is moving on shore with a westerly wind and the damage is done. the hardest-hit areas will be inland areas. we will share the 7 day outlook with you but first, tomorrow, '50s and '60s at the beaches. the west wind makes it all the way into the east bay. 84 degrees in brentwood, down from 93 degrees today. san francisco at 65 which is
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typical for this time of year. saturday will be warmer than father's day but still seasonal through tuesday. >> is labron james ready for prime time? game one of the nba finals is in the books.
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[ male announcer ] the united mileageplus explorer card. get it and you're in. >> there is hope, three years ago of the fender began the season and tonight fake tipped off in game 1 in the nba finals. labron james finishes with a dunk and a foul and 30 points but was held to one basket in the first eight minutes of the fourth quarter. kevin durant was unstoppable, 12 of 20 shooting and key and westbrook outscored miami in the second half. oklahoma city wins. last year's u.s. open champion throwing out the first pitch for irish heritage yard.
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the giants had not hit a home run in their last 16 home games. the picture madison bumgarner hits his first home run. brandon crawford hit a base hit, he has 19 rbi. in the eighth inning, finely a sigh of relief. brandon belt hit his first home run of the year. it bounces into the cove and the giants win 6-3. brandon moss two home runs and look for this one lands. the a's hit four home runs in all. it should have been five but watch this, tyler: goes back and robs him of his second home run of the year. watch it one more time. the a's still win 8-5.
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he's slugger alex rodriguez took a swing into the record book with his 23rd grand slam tying lou gehrig for the most all time. the u.s. open is completely sold out and i'm guessing most of the gallery will be following tiger woods, phil mickelson and bob emma watson. woods is back for the open. when did he win his last major? >> about four years ago >> impressive. 2008. he is stuck on 14 career majors and he is tired of hearing about it >> even if i do win a major it will be, you are not to 18. there's always something with you guys and i have dealt with that my entire career and ever since i was an amateur and [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi
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